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Sagar Surgical is a surgical instrument’s company established in January 2010. We focus on providing the best products and services in Imaging by selling quality medical equipment through the supply, projects, installation and maintenance. Thereby the patients will get the right quality diagnostics through the optimum functionality of the equipment.

The headquarters of Sagar Surgical is based in India.

Sagar Surgical is focused on providing the better health products by choosing and partnering with companies having the best health products in its class from the right suppliers. The goal of the Sagar Surgical is to represent strong brands and products in-order to provide good service to its customers. Sagar Surgical scrutinizes & partner only with companies who have exceptionally good products. Sagar Surgical enter into contracts that helps to do business and to maintain healthy relations with the companies for a mutually beneficial and long-lasting association.

Our Values & Principles


Our customers come first. They deserve the best of what we can offer.

Products & Services:

We operate to find/ produce the best medical products and to provide dedicated service to society to ensure their health and life protection


We are dedicated to achieving enduring success as a global player

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to contributing to the society and the environment by being a considerate and responsible corporate citizen


Our leadership is dedicated to the philosophy that holds values and principles above profit.

Standards of Conduct

We expect our employees to show the highest degree of ethics in all aspects of our business. We greatly value and respect personnel and professional integrity.


We will continuously strive to harness the best available technologies to achieve our goals

Growth & Profitability

We will conduct our business ethically and prudently to fulfill our stakeholder’s expectations


To be a leader in the imaging and Healthcare industry by selling right quality products to the end users and retain the customers through efficient, fast and proper service through qualified and trained personnel.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. The company strives to keep updated with the latest technology.